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We are glad to let you know that you can register for one free course and complete it for free. This is a short course that you can study at home using the online platforms.

Free Courses for 2018 1.Diploma in Digital Marketing 2.Diploma in Nutrition  3.Diploma in Financial Trading and Investment  4.Diploma in Graphic Design  5.Diploma in Health and Fitness  6.Diploma in Web Development  7.Diploma in Weight Loss  8.Diploma in Photoshop  9.Diploma in Sports Nutrition 10.Diploma in App Development  11.Diploma in Photography  12.Written English for Emails and Online Communications  13.Job Seeking and CV Presentation


You will be able to access study materials online and you will also submit required assignment online.

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Benefits of taking a short course

Instructor is able to teach modules that build upon one another
Users gain more expertise than is possible from a single workshop
Consolidated block of time helps focus users attention on seminar topic
Teaching a group (e.g. class, lab group) help builds peer support network
Users learn skills that they can apply immediately to real information problems.

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One Free Course for You
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